All good things…

Well folks, believe it or not I’m writing job applications again.
But this time it’s different.

This time I like my job.
I like the people I work with.
I don’t want to apply for another job.
I want to keep this one.

Unfortunately it’s not technically ‘my job’ and it looks like the guy I’ve been back-filling for won’t be able to stay in his new job (which he likes and doesn’t want to leave) so it’s lose-lose.

The Doctor, however, is unconcerned and doesn’t know why I can’t just feed him then leave him alone.


5 responses to “All good things…

  1. Oh, matey… that sucks. I’m sorry to hear about that. Big hugs to you (and possibly brownies soon, if I can manage it).


  2. Oh 😦 Darn it!

  3. Poos & wees, to say the very least

  4. I know how you feel sweets. Good luck with the job-hunting and applying! I sometimes find it fun to look at crazy jobs and think “I COULD do that!” x x x

  5. Oh the wonderful wonderful world of secondments, and fixed term contracts

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