5 of 31

I’m struggling with this challenge.

Just one photo each day doesn’t sound too hard but what if you have a cracker of a day and take 2 or 3 that you are happy with? You can’t save one for a day when you can’t be bothered.* You have to get something every day. It’s only day 5 and I’m exhausted.

Naturally I’ve got my favourite subjects I can fall back on when I really need to but I don’t want to exhaust those too early on. Plus I wanted this to challenge me to take new photos, not repeat old ones.

Tonight I lugged my gear to a vacant block on Rode Road where there’s a reasonable view of the city and surrounds. It’s EKKA time in Brisbane and I thought I’d try to get a photo of the fireworks but frustratingly they don’t do fireworks on the first night. So instead I photographed a big, bare tree on the other side of the road before lugging my stuff home again.

Poor durdlin.  What a whinger.

Creepy night tree

*Well, I can’t. Other people might be able to… It’s not like anyone is checking to make sure you follow the rules. But you know how much I like to follow rules. Cheating is not an option for this durdlin.


One response to “5 of 31

  1. Yes, it is a trifle burdensome. I can never really settle down until I’ve done the domestic snap, trivial though it may be, and I have more time than you do.
    Also my standards are way lower than yours. The iPhone is always with me and when I see something halfway reasonable – SNAP – and then it’s over for the day.
    I’m actually having much more fun writing about the trivia than I am photographing it.
    Another excellent shot from you. All that lugging wasn’t wasted.

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