12 of 31

In November last year The Doctor started leaking and we had to shove tablets down her tiny throat 4 times a day. Lately we’ve noticed the same sort of symptoms so we went back to the vet (who still looks like this, only now minus the facial hair) who told us it’s the same problem. Plus he thinks it’s stress related and likely because of the big marmalade cat who harasses her when she’s outside.

Poor little dude.

Good morning sunshine


2 responses to “12 of 31

  1. Big ginger bastard. Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?
    Should I send my savage attack dogs around?

    • Couldn’t hurt!
      Today we’re going to get her a litter tray so we can keep her indoors until she’s finished the antibiotics and has forgotten all about the big ginger bastard.

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