14 of 31

Tonight I found myself on Bowen Bridge Road with my camera and tripod, dressed in my tracksuit pants, hoodie and brown grandpa slippers.

If I knew that’s where I was going to spend my evening I’d have dressed differently. I certainly would have combed my hair and worn my walking shoes at the very least. But I hadn’t planned on it.

This photographic challenge (31 photos in 31 days) has really forced me to think about what I do everyday, where I go, what I see. If I see something interesting, I immediately wonder where my camera is because it might not be there when I come back tomorrow. (In some cases, my intended subject has vanished by the time I look through the view finder 30 seconds later).

So tonight when I realised it was the last Ekka night of the year I decided I should seize the opportunity.

As I walked against the tide of people streaming out of the grounds, I noticed 4 of 5 other photographically inclined individuals fiddling with settings and adjusting their tripods. It made me smile.

So I took my place in line and did the same.

Thrill seekers seek thrills


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