Why punctuation is important

Durdlin’s boss is working from home after dental surgery.
She emails the team to let them know her plans for tomorrow.

Boss:  Hopefully will be in for the morning – but have a dental appointment at 12 so if the tongue is still wobbly, may stay here and work on.

Durdlin: I’d be working from home so I could stay in my PJs until noon!  But we’d be very pleased to see you if you do decide to come in.

Boss: What do you mean by noon?

Durdlin: Midday.

Boss: Yes – that I understood – I meant – what made you think I changed into clothes? lol


2 responses to “Why punctuation is important

  1. I don’t get it. Am I just being dim?

    • Hi Laura!
      I’m sure the problem is me assuming everyone else thinks like me.
      I thought “by noon” should have been separated from the rest of the sentence. Otherwise, the way I read it, it sounds like “noon” is the only focus.

      1. What do you mean by noon?
      2. What do you mean ‘by noon’?

      Very different meanings 🙂

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