Post-challenge analysis

Even though the ’31 photos in 31 days’ challenge is over, I’m still thinking about it, noticing things I’d like to photograph, wondering where my camera is. To start with it was tricky to force myself to go out, to think about what to shoot and to actually follow through. But towards the end it came more easily, and sometimes the trickiest part was choosing just one photo to post.

It’s actually made me more thankful for my life and everyone and everything in it.

On days when I had taken shots of lots of different things, I didn’t necessarily choose the photo I liked most for my submission that day; I tried to think about the days ahead and how likely it was that I could replicate any of the shots. And thinking about that made me realise how precious and beautiful each moment is.

I didn’t post this photo of the curly fern because I knew it would be there later if I needed it. And I realised I may not have the chance to come back and photograph the two men sleeping under the Moreton Bay Fig.



That was a one-off.

Anyway, I’m still winding down and felt the need for a little post-challenge analysis so I got my nerd on and pulled some stats.

  • Total photos taken during August: 1753
  • Average taken per day: 56.54
  • Most shots taken on one day: 295 (at the Ekka)
  • Shots taking outdoors: 17
  • Shots taken indoors: 14
  • Shots taken at night: 17
  • Shots taken during the day: 14
  • Black and white shots: 8
  • Shots of Doctor Octagon: only 2!
  • Most viewed on flickr: #8 of 31 (Radsters)*

Thanks Tracey @ for setting the challenge! I’m looking forward to the next one.

*viewed 69 times – probably due to Tom posting the link on FB.


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