Spontaneous conversation

Earlier this week I had an email conversation with my sister (Does she have an internet-name? Must find out.) about her plans for the weekend. She wanted to avoid cleaning our her garage.
It got a bit stupid.

I’ll help you procrastinate a bit. I think I’m going to have a spontaneous coffee with Alex sometime on Saturday. But I’m not sure (on account of it being a spontaneous coffee date). We were supposed to have a spontaneous coffee last weekend but then I was sick so we cancelled our spontaneity.

Don’t let me hinder your spontaneity though! (That bit made me laugh, so I had to read it aloud to Claire.) 🙂

Okay, I’ll see what we both feel like doing on Saturday.

Did I tell you about my comms experiences last week? Will have to fill you in sometime…

No, you didn’t. You can fill me in on Saturday. Spontaneously.

Maybe we can be spontaneous in the afternoon, or at least not too early in the day? Anyway, let me know what your plans are… or not…

Yep, I figured you’d want the morning free anyway. I might spontaneously be spontaneous with Alex late morning then – if she’s feeling spontaneous, that is.

Ok… as long as you don’t do anything too impulsive and unplanned.

Well, I certainly don’t intend to.

Well be careful though – you never know what could happen when you least expect it…

True. I don’t want to be caught off guard.

Yep. Plan for the unexpected. (Is that an ad?)

I think you mean, “expect the unexpected”. Hey, isn’t that the tagline that Mr X used in that episode of Press Gang when Frazz has a head injury?

I don’t remember it from Press Gang, but I never really liked that episode so I don’t think I was paying particularly close attention (any of the several times I’ve seen it). Da da da da da da da da da  <sings theme song to self…>  🙂

I had have a crush on Paul Reynolds.


One response to “Spontaneous conversation

  1. If you must have a conversation, make it a conversation worth having. This one deserved your time and effort. Furthermore …
    unplanned spontaneity makes me anxious, planned spontaneity makes me rebellious and stubborn, so it’s best to avoid both.
    AND I couldn’t spell ‘spontaneity’ until today. Many thanks for your assistance in this matter.

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