Week ending 8 October, 2010

5.45 am, Tuesday 5 October, 2010

On my way up Spence Road, I spy an older gentleman walking about 50 metres ahead of me. Suddenly I am very competitive and decide I have to beat him to Highcrest Avenue. I did end up beating him but not by as much as I’d have liked. He was quite spry.

7.31 am, Wednesday 6 October, 2010

One of the two physicists who recently won the Noble Prize for Physics has also previously one an Ig Noble Prize for levitating a frog using a magnetic field.

2.35 pm, Wednesday 6 October, 2010

I nearly answered my phone with, “Corporate Integrity and Governance…”

Why has that habit been so difficult to kick?
I haven’t worked there for over 2 ½ years.

4.00 pm, Thursday 7 October, 2010

At Code of Conduct training regarding work attire: You must be neat and tidy. Also bear in mind “ethnical” cultures and how your personal appearance may be interpreted.


3:05 pm, Friday 8 October, 2010

I sat opposite an important looking older gentleman on the train. He was reading the newspaper and drinking a strawberry milkshake.


2 responses to “Week ending 8 October, 2010

  1. Ethnical! Brilliant! Is that the foreign version of ethics? Does that whole sentence just really mean “don’t have your tits out”?
    PS Hi =)

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