The translator is IN

I’ve been away from my office for a week on training. This morning I arrived at work eager to hear about things I’d missed while I was away.

durdlin: So, did I miss anything?

Team: Nah, not really.

After a phone call from my boss and sorting through a bunch of emails, I’ve learnt that the phrase, “Nah, not really”, actually means:

Despite our cautious optimism that our function would stay in Brisbane because we’re widely considered to be the best complaints team in any STA, our function will be taken over by the NSW regional office in due course. All staff without a permanent position (i.e. 75% of our team) will need to look for another job before the transition.


6 responses to “The translator is IN

  1. Darn! What news to receive the week before Christmas 😦

  2. Ouch indeed. That totally sucks. Sorry to hear that, dude. 😦

  3. What the heck?! Doesn’t sound like nothing..fools.

  4. Even though I can’t say I really make much sense of the weasel words, there is absolutely NO doubt that they are weasels. “Your function (!?) is the best so we are moving to New South Wales” What? followed by Dang!

  5. … Gat damn. Sorry to hear. 😦

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