Any resolutions durdlin?

Heck no!

I’m not one for new years resolutions. The few times I’ve consciously made resolutions I’ve stumbled and fallen short within weeks days. If I want to make a change, I make a start, no matter the time of year.

We do have one new years tradition that I relish: recycling the previous years plastic takeaway containers.

In our cupboard, as soon as a takeaway container is cleaned and put in the cupboard for future re-use, the lid ditches its partner with astonishing speed. Naturally the lids are all slightly different so they only really fit one container. And should you be foolish enough to spend time in our plastics cupboard seeking to reunite a matching pair, not only will you come away empty handed, you will come away with a sore back and the slightly unsettling knowledge that our kitchen floor is never truly clean.

So at the start of a new year we chuck ’em (by which I mean we recycle them) and start again. It feels good to have a clean cupboard for a while.


2 responses to “Any resolutions durdlin?

  1. That’s a fun one! I like the starting a fresh. I decide to de-clutter the bottom drawer and sort my shit out a bit – school pile, rubbish, ‘to do’, ‘to mail’. I made a shopping list and filed my receipts. Phew it feels nice to be organised..for a day at least.

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