A day in the life

Since I failed to get it together for the last sh1ft.org photographic project (26 things), I set my sights on this one. “A Day In The Life: New Year’s Eve

These shots are from the 24 hours between 11am 31 December 2010 and 11am 1 January 2010.


Doctor Octagon wants to know why I haven’t fed him.


He’s taken to sprawling on the bathroom floor in a melodramatic fashion.


Burfit had a break from Woodford but has to get back for a NYE spot. The artists’ passes are a fetching shade of pink this year.



After Burfit left a sleepy breeze blew in the window and tricked me into have a quick nap. I didn’t actually sleep but I did laze around in bed for longer than originally intended.


Still in bed, I spent some time listening to the audio book The Fry Chronicles read by the author. An excellent way to pass an hour or so in bed.



Around 5pm I actually ventured outside the house because it was lovely and overcast and met this strange little thing scuttling up and down one of the stakes that’s supporting one of my cherry tomato plants.


Then I did some dishes.

Boring but true.


By 8pm I was in the company of friends. Karl brought home-made honey mead, I brought carrot sticks and dip*. Here they are together.



Noticed a Lego man who’d been separated from his colleagues. It’s been suggested that this Lego man has just dropped his trousers and intends to parp at us all.



Karl spent some time coming to grips with Kellee’s ukulele. My new ukulele got passed around a bit as well. Everyone agrees it’s lovely.




Neng brought her Wii over and we had a game of bowling. Thomas refused to stand up to play and paid the price.




Midnight brought dessert with it which was quite welcome for those who hadn’t eaten far too much curry for dinner. Kellee’s lemon curd was terrifically lemony. My salivary glands just kicked in while typing that.


What with a fridge full of curry and other delights, Kellee can’t fit dessert in the fridge and instructs us all to take stuff home. Everything went in a sandwich bag. Even the lemon curd. It looked hilariously gross (but still tastes divine).



I slept in as long as the Doctor would allow and stumbled about the house looking for breakfast. After a while I realised, since I’d started photographing my 24 hour period from 11am the previous day I could fit in one more shot. It’s our front gate. Never mind the weeds and the cracks in the concrete and the rain of 2010; the way to 2011 is open and it’s full of possibilities.

Or something like that.

*Dip = 250g cream cheese, a gloop of sweet chilli sauce and corn relish to taste. Mix furiously to combine.


3 responses to “A day in the life

  1. Love the dishes photo. It drew me in from the tags page.

    Funny that dishes usually repel me…

    Very creative and curious idea for a blog entry.


  2. I’m so pleased to have been part of your New Year’s Eve celebrations. You’re a rad chick. These photos are evidence of a very funny night. 🙂

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