In which Brooke is adorable

Our friend John has a niece called Brooke.
It’s her 4th birthday.

On Sunday she had a birthday party and she was so excited about it that she wouldn’t go to sleep on Saturday night. Eventually her Dad, Marty, threatened to cancel the party if she didn’t go to sleep.

This is the conversation her Mum, Liz, had with her.

Liz: What’s wrong honey?

Brooke (crying): Daddy said that I had to go to sleep or he would call off my party.

Liz: Well you know what that means…

Broke: Yeah *sob* I’ll be 3 forever!! *uncontrollable sobbing*

Liz had to leave the room to laugh before going back in to console her.

I told my sister about this and she said a guy she works with has a little boy who was sad because he thought he would be 3 for his birthday and then go back to being 2 again. It took some time to convince him that he’d be 3 for the whole year.


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