How’s your self esteem?

Lately I’ve had a few conversations with people from different corners of my life about self esteem. It seems a lot of us are struggling with ourselves.

Is it just that time of the week? Or the time of the year? Or that time of life? A number of people in my life are facing big changes this year, some by choice, others not. Collectively we feel frustrated, helpless, daunted, anxious, but also excited and sometimes motivated… the list goes on and it changes from day to day.

Anyway, in a sort-of related vein, Kellee posted some thoughts about not wearing make-up and how that made her feel. I started questioning my own reasons for wearing make-up to work every day and wondered how I’d go if I gave up make-up for a week or something.

I would, but…
It doesn’t really bother me, except…
I’d really prefer to do without it, however…

I secretly think if it wasn’t for my rosacea, I would be more comfortable with out make-up. But if i didn’t have rosacea, I’d probably think up a different reason why I need make-up to feel normal.

And why is an unnaturally even skin tone normal?
Why is a thin stripe of black around the eyes normal?
Why do my eyelashes have to poke out more than they already do?

It occurs to me that  I’ve started rambling. So let me wrap this up by saying, to all my friends who are struggling along, I love you. I will help you out as and when I am able; you only need ask.



5 responses to “How’s your self esteem?

  1. YES. YES. Thankyou. This rings so true. I’ve not even been writing flippin’ BLOG POSTS due to the whole self-esteem isseww, how ridiculous is that?

    • Not ridiculous at all! I have a number of draft posts that I have left unfinished because they’re *not good enough* for the people who know me, read this blog and like me anyway.

      For what it’s worth, I am always be happy to read what you have to say. Any time.

  2. I’ve been struggling with not having many “good friends” in Wang. Actually, I don’t really have any. I was going to blog about this and you’ve just inspired me to do it right now. Thanks!
    I AM AWESOME!!! đŸ™‚

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