Guess Who

Tonight I played a few rounds of Guess Who with Nahum and Megan.

We had a couple of games using the standard questions, such as , “is your person wearing a hat?” and “does your person have facial hair?” but it was a lot more fun to ask personal, probing questions about the people behind the picture cards and to make value judgments about them.

We played a game where Nahum and I (with help from Megan and Burfit) asked more general questions; the result being that we both ended up with the wrong answer. Some of those questions were:


  • are they an accountant?
  • might they burn down their office?
  • do they own a fruit barn?
  • are they a communist?
  • could they be a Stepford wife?
  • would they prefer to be somewhere else right now?

But the next game we played, after about 3 of 4 questions, we had narrowed our choices down to 1 each. And we were both right. I was gobsmacked.

Apparent ‘facts’ about Matt


  • he was not a dork at school
  • he has seriously thought about killing someone
  • he is not from ‘Ethnicia’
  • (There must have been at least one more than this, but I can’t for the life of me think what it might be * ).


Apparent ‘facts’ about Andy


  • he’s got lots of children
  • he’s not much of a disciplinarian
  • he likes football more than cricket
  • he is an optimist


What does that say about us, that we made the same assumptions and ended up both guessing correctly?

* Nahum and Megan, if you can remember any other questions we asked, let me know.

3 responses to “Guess Who

  1. Man. Have you guys been eating those ‘special’ gluten-free brownies again?

    (I did laugh a lot at this. I must remember that when I buy that game for the kids.)

  2. Huh…racial stereotype but I assume Andy is Indian and as such would prefer cricket..

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