Dear Channel 9

Dear Channel 9

I just tried to watch a video on your Fixplay website. It didn’t work, but the advertisement did.

So I tried again – same thing. Grr.

Then a little window dropped down asking me if i wanted to do a survey. YES, I thought, I’LL GIVE YOU SOME FEEDBACK. Jolly good.

I got a few questions into the survey only to find that it was mostly about financial planning services. WTF?

THEN you ask me to watch an advertisement to tell you what i think of it. The advertisement you want me to give my thoughtful opinion on is the very one that twice preceded the show I wanted to watch but couldn’t.


I don’t even know what kind of FAIL label to affix to my first-world rage.

You’ve got balls, Channel 9.



One response to “Dear Channel 9

  1. I’m very sorry you got stuffed around by Channel 9 but really, what else can you expect from the people who have destroyed the once great game of cricket, turned rugby League into a shonky business by devouring its soul and have the appalling judgment to continue with A Current Affair night after tedious night.

    Grrrr indeed.

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