Life eh?

I’m down in the dumps because Doctor Octagon is sick. Since yesterday she seems to have stopped eating and she looks weak when she stands up to reposition herself mid-nap. I know she can’t live forever, but I’d sure like it if she did. Or if she waited until I was gone.

We’re taking her to the vet this morning to see what’s going on.


2 responses to “Life eh?

  1. Aw mate. That sucks. Big hugs to you and burfit and the Doctor. Let us know how s/he goes. xx

  2. Dear Dr Octagon,
    You got very lucky the day you met burfit, and later durdlin, and chose them as your companions on your journey through the turmoils of feline life. They are so sad that you left them tonight. There is now a big Doctor sized hole in their world that will never be filled.

    I wish you peace and purrs as you continue your prowlings about the universe and I know that you will always remember your brief time with burfit and durdlin with joy, just as they will treasure the time they had with you. Bon voyage my little furry friend.

    Love from all of us xxx

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