RIP Doctor Octagon 1997-2011

taken 5 April 2011


6 responses to “RIP Doctor Octagon 1997-2011

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss, RIP Dr Octagon

  2. I read Sam’s FB update this morning- I’m so sorry J. He was a great cat and loved you guys to bits.

  3. Oh, guys. Hugs and best wishes. She was an excellent Doctor with an funny little face and I’m so glad I got to meet her.

  4. Much love and kitty cat kisses to you and Burfit x x x x

  5. Dearest J & S,
    Heartfelt sympathy, love, hugs. I feel like I knew The Doctor and will miss her, too. A friend of mine said, under similar circumstances, “We never lose them, you know — they are a part of our hearts.” Much love, Kelly Mo

  6. Ohhhh so sorry to hear that!! I just read about it on Kafkaworld… lots of love xxx

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