I can wait

  • Three days ago my parents left for a trip to Europe for 6-ish weeks.
  • Yesterday Burfit left for China for 2-ish weeks.
  • Tomorrow Burfit’s parents leave for New York City for 4-ish weeks.

Usually when Burfit goes away (depending on how long he’s away) I try to use it as an opportunity to spend some with my parents – or his parents – on my own. But nooo, not this time. No, everyone is leaving me.

But it’s okay. Although I started out feeling a bit abandoned, I’ve decided to focus on the good bits. I have plenty of perfectly fabulous people (to whom I am not related) that I fully intend to spend time with. And, after the house is made presentable for the house inspection we have next week, I’ll have lots of time to brush up my mad ukulady skillz.

These two will be back together in no time

3 responses to “I can wait

  1. Well, I insist that you come over for some very important Matt Smith watching tomorrow night if you are not otherwise engaged… x

  2. First I have to do a stack of housework…

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