Holidays = heck yeah

This holiday will likely be a combination of

Fun things

  • sleeping in
  • bike rides
  • wedding anniversary trip to Montville
  • warm drinks by the fire
  • singing and ukulele muckings about
  • finishing book six of Kylie Chan’s second trilogy
  • Danny Kaye movies

Boring things

  • check up at the dentist
  • check up at the optometrist

I think we have the balance about right.


3 responses to “Holidays = heck yeah

  1. That sounds like a rocking holiday plan!

  2. Sounds good to me. Don’t forget time to sit and stare into space and enjoy not having a deadline today … or tomorrow … for a few days …..

  3. Excellent balance. I also like to:
    – eat ice cream cake in bed
    – read good books (and also bad chick lit)

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