What matters

I was just thinking about how my car is overdue for new tyres.

That tiny thought took me down the rabbit hole of thinking about the future and I contemplated the idea that the future is supposed to be better than everything that came before.

I thought, if I can get a good, stable job I like, that’d be great. And eventually we’ll get a new, more environmentally friendly car. When those two things happen, life will be grand.

But if I was to write future-me a letter with what little wisdom I have right now, I wouldn’t tell myself I’m fortunate to be rid of my current circumstance or fortunate that I have a new job or car.

I think I’d just feel blessed if I have the same wonderful family and friends around me.

I think I might be living in a golden age of my life without fully realising or appreciating it.

Thank you for being a part of this season with me.


2 responses to “What matters

  1. I love you. That is all.

    – K. x

  2. It’s a privilege and a pleasure. And right back atcha x x x

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