The best time at work

The best time at work is the time between when you know you’re leaving and when you actually leave.

my sweet spot is the 3rd last day

Last week I accepted a new job (hold the imaginary applause, it’s another temporary one) (I know) and now I get to enjoy that delicious time in between. The good bits of my current job seem that much better and the irritating bits, well, they’ll be irrelevant soon enough. It prompts me to zoom out and take stock. A new challenge will be good for me.

Maybe this time I’ll discover what I want to be when I grow up and somehow end up with a proper, stable job…


One response to “The best time at work

  1. There is certainly something exciting about leaving one job and starting a new one (you know I know!) I think that the things you do outside of your job are who you are now you’ve grown up (when did we grow up???) but I know what you mean about wanting to find “the one”. Good luck and I look forward to hearing how your new job is going!

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