An idea

We live near an intersection with traffic lights and these traffic lights seem to fail on a semi-regular basis.

Problem: the delay between when the lights fail and when a technician arrives on site to fix the problem. We went through the intersection at about 1.00pm yesterday and when we came back the other way, about an hour later, the technician had only just arrived. An hour later.

Is this the 21st century or not?

durdlin’s idea: an emergency, pop-up roundabout

When the network identifies signal failure, this triggers a back-up system for the affected intersection. A circle from the middle of the intersection sinks into the ground to allow a pop-up, emergency roundabout to rise in its place. Then traffic can continue to use the intersection in an orderly fashion until the problem is fixed.


One response to “An idea

  1. Your amazing facility with graphs (see Best Time At Work) and signage continues to impress. One needs a special brain for that type of thinking. You have it – I don’t.

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