In which durdlin is upset with SodaStream

Burfit bought me a SodaStream machine for my birthday last year and I was really excited. I thought it would be better for the environment to reuse the same pressure bottle/gas cylinder than to be buying new plastic bottles of soda water and then dumping them in the recycling bin. Plus, it makes a funny sound.

About 6 months ago my gas cylinder ran out but I didn’t get a new one straight away because it was coming into Winter and I didn’t want soda water as much as I do in Summer. So I waited/got lazy.

Now I want a new gas cylinder. The SodaStream website looks nice and says that you can get your empty bottle refilled for a reasonable fee. I’m OK with that. What I’m NOT OK with is this:

It seems the only way to get a gas cylinder refilled is to PAY for a COURIER to DRIVE the empty cylinder 1700km to VICTORIA.

I haven’t done any calculations because I’m too confused and cranky so even with the delivery fee, it might be cheaper than buying soda water from the grocery store. But the cost isn’t really the point. HOW EXACTLY IS THIS BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT?

If I could trot down to a local hardware store or warehouse of some kind and exchange the empty bottle for a new one I would! I’m willing to lose a bit of money if I’m reducing waste.

I’m feeling pretty stupid right now. Is it so unreasonable to think that carbonating my own water was a better/easier solution?


Turns out there is a better way: The K-mart service desk.


3 responses to “In which durdlin is upset with SodaStream

  1. i haven’t replaced/refilled my soda stream for the same reason… it’s a crazy system!

    • I’m wondering if I can go to a local hardware-type store and get it refilled there, even if it means voiding the warranty or something. There HAS to be a better way.

  2. How stupid. We were looking at these in the store the other day. Had a good giggle over the ‘Now with 50% more gas’ stickers.

    There has to be a better way than this!

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