Damn it!

I just put washing liquid in the washing machine, put the cycle on start then walked away and completely forgot to put the clothes in.

A few minutes ago I heard the click at the end of the cycle and went to hang the washing out only to find a very clean washing machine with nothing in it.


———-     ———-     ———-
5 mins later
———-     ———-     ———-

I nearly did it again!
I walked away from the laundry to blog about how stupid I am while the machine filled with water again. But this time I caught it in time. Just.


One response to “Damn it!

  1. I have done that a couple of times too!!! I’ve also put a load of nappies through without detergent and didn’t realise til I started hanging them out, and I was thinking “wow our washing machine is rubbish. Might need to buy a new one!” Or maybe just need more sleep. Hee hee!

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