Food maths


Cream cheese = good
Salsa = good
Cheese = good
Cream cheese + salsa + cheese + melted = great


Pistachios = good
Cranberries = OK
White chocolate = great
Pistachios + cranberries + white chocolate + mixed with other mystery stuff = amazing


Mango = best
Cream = good
Pavlova = good
Mango* + anything else = no better than a mango on its own

*Ditto lychees, nectarines and passionfruit.


2 responses to “Food maths

  1. I’m glad to see you getting your priorities sorted for the new year.
    1. Good food.
    2. Everything else.
    Can’t go wrong there, in fact, I may follow your exmple.

  2. Sorry – typing too quickly and too lazy to check.

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