I am…

The Etymologicon by Mark Forsythe (well, being read to by burfit is more accurate).

not much lately; this may or may not change in 2012.

our garden better; spent hours yesterday outside pruning and weeding.

extra-strength Dilmah; soda water with a squeeze of lemon.

Listening to:
Jonathan Coulton; finally took the time to listen and I like it.

Where’s My Water (iPhone game); Disc Drivin’ (iPhone game); ukulele.

the rain, when it’s around.

being home at the same time as burfit; sleeping in; the magic slice I got for Christmas that’s in the freezer.

to get two kittens mid-2012. (Squeee).

Thanks to Lola for this helpful structure; my brain needs a bit of help at this time of year.


2 responses to “I am…

  1. A list/structure is always handy! Helps the brain every time. Happy New Year! xx

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