In which durdlin has a moan

I recently found out that my current work contract can’t be extended so my skills are back on the market (available mid-July if you want to propose something).

I’m not looking upon possible unemployment favourably but am having great trouble focusing on writing job applications. “Why is that durdlin? You’ve written hundreds of job applications in the last few years. Why should this be any different?” Well, I’ll tell you, my dear reading several: The trouble this time around is I don’t really want any of the jobs I’m applying for.

The  job I want, the job I like, the job I am good at, the job where I’m getting along with colleagues and building positive relationships with management is the very job I’m told I can’t have any more. And the very people who told me I can’t stay are the same people who very much want me to stay. It’s frustrating.

Now I’m spending week nights and weekends writing applications for jobs I don’t especially want, (competing against a thousand other public servants who are in the same boat), trying not to get too distracted by the internet and simultaneously seeking out distractions of all sorts.

It also means our plans to get two kittens have been shelved for the time being and my long-anticipated holiday has been cut down to 1 week.

So, boo.


5 responses to “In which durdlin has a moan

  1. Required: one best friend with whom to laugh myself stupid, listen to rad music, sing and plinky-plonk on four-stringed instruments, and drink tea/cider as our moods dictate. Tw pay isn’t much but the brownies are good… *hug*

  2. Boo indeed. Hubs is going away around mid-July and I’ll be up in Brisbane end of July/August so we’ll have to catch up! Hopefully you’ll be able to get away from your new awesome job that you found and love love love.
    Good luck 🙂

  3. Major Boo. I’d say be irresponsible and get kittens anyway 😛

  4. What a stupid system that doesn’t allow departments to keep excellent staff. Boo Boo! Sorry to hear about this rubbish news. (I would have to agree with getting the kittens anyway. I find Mafia a very good listener)

  5. Last night I had the strangest dream. I was alone in a small room with Campbell Newman and The Enforcer (my MOMA umbrella). After 10 minutes of vigorous negotiation, your job was no longer in jeopardy. Yes I know violence is not the answer, but what a great dream.
    Secondly, or b), I third the previous speakers’ kitten remarks. Right now is precisely the correct time to get them because you unexpectedly have more time, you need the distraction and you also need something wonderful and joyous and furry and purry in your life to help you over this pesky speed bump. Trust me – I know about these things.
    Love you lots 🙂

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