Employment roller coaster

For the reading several who are following this saga, here’s what happened at work this week:

Monday morning
I think it’s my last week at this job and I’m winding down. My team-mate Cassie is in the same boat. We commiserate.

Monday afternoon
I hear that I’ve got a 6-week extension behind girl who is acting in a team where someone was taking annual leave. Cassie is still leaving on Friday. I feel slightly guilty.

Wednesday morning
I hear back about an interview I had the week before. I didn’t get the job (boo) but I did really well and they liked me a lot (hooray). I ranked 3rd (booray).

Thursday afternoon
As a result of some internal shuffling with lawyers who needed exposure in different units, I’ve been moved to back-fill a different position. The guy I’m back-filling for (who, incidentally is the same guy I called a jerk in a previous post) works in the local government team but I think it’s less of a dead-end than the annual leave back-fill. Cassie has accepted the annual leave back-fill. My guilt lessens.

Friday afternoon
We have an end-of-financial-year celebratory team lunch and our director gives Cassie and me flowers as small compensation for putting us through all this crap. Cassie and I smile and say “see you Monday”.

So the upshot of all this? My contract has been extended until late September when the financial situation should be clearer. There is a chance that my contract will be extended again – depending on all the shuffling at levels above mine – but that chance is very, very small.

Honestly, I can’t believe you’re still reading this. I’m boring even myself. I’m going to go right ahead and assume that it must mean you care about me, and for that I thank you.

You’re lovely.

In fact now that I think about it, you’re my favourite (shhh, don’t tell the others).


4 responses to “Employment roller coaster

  1. I choose to think that last sentence was to me. 🙂

    *hug* I know it’s been a rubbish time for you. Now that you know you’ve got a bit more time take a couple of weeks to let it sink in a evaluate your options from there. Cups of tea, whiteys and a sounding board available on request.

  2. Well the flowers are a nice touch even though it may feel a little shallow. But it seems your work colleagues are doing the best they can to retain their humanity under very trying circumstances. It also seems that people all over the place like you, and care about you. That must be so good to know.
    What a spin you are going through at present. Revolving door + roller coaster + large hadron collider, how can that possibly be boring?

  3. That’s a lot of messing around. Hoorah for getting an extension though, that’s a load off your mind. Does this mean kitten shopping is back on the agenda?

    • Well… no. We want to have at least two weeks off to stay at home with them but we can’t a) justify the expense and b) reasonably take time off when we have no idea whether I’ll be employed in 10 weeks. But as soon as things settle down (famous last words), it’s top of the agenda.

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