Things I learnt tonight

  1. Dad doesn’t have a spare key for our internal back door.
  2. Our ladder is at his house.
  3. Our neighbours’ doorbell plays jingle bells.
  4. Our neighbours have a ladder.
  5. Burfit is braver than I am.

I am never, ever trusting that internal back door again.

2 responses to “Things I learnt tonight

  1. Curiouser and curiouser.. I’m wondering.. how does locking the internal back door lock you out of the house? or were you in the house? then why did you need the ladder.. and how did you get to the neighbours?
    so many questions 🙂

    • We took the kittens out into the backyard on their leashes (!) to wander around. A gust of wind slammed the internal back door shut and we later realised that, although the front door was open, the front screen door was locked from the inside. Gah!

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