Thank you, neighbours

Update: there is only one collar missing now!

The first two collars we got back were from our direct neighbour. Then last night we got a third collar (and registration tag!) back from people a few doors up with a note that said

…here’s Baxter’s collar, found on a rose bush next to the head and tail of a mouse! I guess the mouse fought back!


The note goes on to introduce their two cats and I learnt that the big, grey cat that hissed and spat at Baxer yesterday when she tried to make friends is called Twinkle. Ha!


Baxter is onto her 5th collar in 4 months.

We’re not sure how or where she’s losing them – she just trots back up the stairs, sans collar.

After she lost her 4th collar (within 24hrs), I decided to write a note to our neighbours up and down the street, asking them – if they’ve seen a cat collar around – to please pop it in our letter box.

We just got home and found two collars in our letter box! And get this: one of them is the first collar she had, with her council registration still attached.

Thank you, neighbours, whomever you are!


One response to “Thank you, neighbours

  1. the plot thickens!

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