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Things I learnt tonight

  1. Dad doesn’t have a spare key for our internal back door.
  2. Our ladder is at his house.
  3. Our neighbours’ doorbell plays jingle bells.
  4. Our neighbours have a ladder.
  5. Burfit is braver than I am.

I am never, ever trusting that internal back door again.



Successful partnerships

Today is our wedding anniversary but instead of posting a message to burfit (hello, love!) I want to celebrate the anniversary of another successful partnership: Tyrone Shoelaces and Lesley Vurley.

In 2002 Tyrone and Lesley put together a show for the Out Of The Box Festival called ‘Ukulele Mekulele’, which was simply tremendous, and have continued to write delightful material for themselves and others.

As I understand it, Tyrone largely writes the lyrics and handles the theatre side of things; Lesley largely writes the music and does the arrangements and does as little acting as possible, but there’s a bit of cross over now and then. A great idea is a great idea and they both know one when they see one. They enjoy what the other person creates and work their own ideas into the mix. They know their strengths and allow each other the space to exercise those strengths without feeling threatened. They have a huge amount of respect for one another and listen to each other. They have fun together.

A successful partnership – a lot like a healthy marriage. Except we didn’t have the foresight to get a tiara-wearing gorilla.