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An open letter to the noises coming from the ceiling

Dear noises coming from the ceiling,

I am trying to work and am finding your noises to be both distracting and unsettling. You had better be possums or something slightly cute or I shall be very displeased.

If you could cease your clicking and scratching sounds until I’m elsewhere I would appreciate it very much. Better yet, if you found another place (away from me) to make your noises, I would be most grateful. 


It begins

Tonight I had to intentionally dry my hair after my shower.

In which durdlin unfairly judges someone

There’s a guy at work who seems to be a bit of a jerk. He shuts down my ideas for improvements because he seems to prefer to have things stay the same, even if there’s no good reason for it. I guess he’s nice enough, but he comes across as a bit arrogant and stubborn and I struggle with that.

He also likes all the Wrong Things and doesn’t enjoy the Right Things in the Correct Way.

It’s been easier to think of him as a jerk and write him off.

Then, this morning he stopped at my desk, pointed to my Leukaemia Foundation poster and tells me that he’s registered to shave his head too. I nearly fell off my chair. That was really not what I was expecting him to say.

But I’m glad he did.