friday update

work nuts.
brain fried.
survived week.
good night.

“woman” versus “female”

a thousand times, YES!


Finally, while we’re here, let me put on my Grammar Girl hat and tell you about “woman” versus “female”: If you wouldn’t use the word “man,” don’t use “woman.” If you wouldn’t write “man lawyer,” you shouldn’t write “woman lawyer.” The adjective you’re looking for is “female,”  and you should use it sparingly: use it if you have a good reason to highlight someone’s sex, such as when someone is the first female astronaut to visit Mars.

An open letter to the noises coming from the ceiling

Dear noises coming from the ceiling,

I am trying to work and am finding your noises to be both distracting and unsettling. You had better be possums or something slightly cute or I shall be very displeased.

If you could cease your clicking and scratching sounds until I’m elsewhere I would appreciate it very much. Better yet, if you found another place (away from me) to make your noises, I would be most grateful.