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Thank you, neighbours

Update: there is only one collar missing now!

The first two collars we got back were from our direct neighbour. Then last night we got a third collar (and registration tag!) back from people a few doors up with a note that said

…here’s Baxter’s collar, found on a rose bush next to the head and tail of a mouse! I guess the mouse fought back!


The note goes on to introduce their two cats and I learnt that the big, grey cat that hissed and spat at Baxer yesterday when she tried to make friends is called Twinkle. Ha!


Baxter is onto her 5th collar in 4 months.

We’re not sure how or where she’s losing them – she just trots back up the stairs, sans collar.

After she lost her 4th collar (within 24hrs), I decided to write a note to our neighbours up and down the street, asking them – if they’ve seen a cat collar around – to please pop it in our letter box.

We just got home and found two collars in our letter box! And get this: one of them is the first collar she had, with her council registration still attached.

Thank you, neighbours, whomever you are!

Things I learnt tonight

  1. Dad doesn’t have a spare key for our internal back door.
  2. Our ladder is at his house.
  3. Our neighbours’ doorbell plays jingle bells.
  4. Our neighbours have a ladder.
  5. Burfit is braver than I am.

I am never, ever trusting that internal back door again.

Thanks from #19

Our street is special. It’s split down the middle for recycling collection; even-numbered houses have their recycling collected one week, odd-numbered houses the next.

I remember when we moved in we put both bins out week after week trying to understand what was going on. Continue reading