Defeated by the 21st Century?

My steps log tells me that as at the 1st June I’ve taken over 2 million steps this year! Go me!

I was going to post my little primary-school-style certificate, but I can’t figure out how to do it. Am I getting old already? I can’t figure out technology anymore…
I can’t embed YouTube stuff or work out how to load my photo into my profile. I can’t even get my text to line up with my photos the way I want them to.



2 responses to “Defeated by the 21st Century?

  1. This will prove I spend far too much time on the computer…

    To embed YouTube videos, go to the video’s page on YouTube, copy the “Embed” code on the right, & paste into where you write blogger posts.

    For normal text alignment with photos, when you’re uploading a photo, choose “none” or “center” in the Layout section.

    For a profile photo, what I normally do is upload the photo into a blog post and publish it, then click the photo, copy the photo’s URL, go to the profile page, paste it under “Photo URL”, then save the blog post with your photo as a draft so you can’t see it in your blog.

    (I feel like such a nerd)

  2. Thanks Ms Mojo! I’m a-gonna test that right now.

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